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Best Apps for Bass Players – iOS and Android

With access to so many apps to help you learn bass, it’s hard to figure out which are worthy of your time. Here I’ll share the best apps for bass players.

In today’s world, we have digital access to more than our predecessors ever thought possible. Gone are the days where the only option for learning to play the bass guitar was through a brick-and-mortar class-like situation. 

Today, I want to talk about digital applications, or apps as they are more commonly called. To do so, I will be discussing:

  • The Benefits of Digital Learning & Tools
  • Best Apps for Learning Bass Guitar
  • Best Apps for Assisting with Playability
  • The Benefits of Digital Learning & Tools

Thanks to the internet, tablets, smart phones, and more – you can learn how to play the bass guitar from virtually anywhere. 

The benefits of digital learning have become more obvious as technology has advanced. In fact, school students of every age – from kindergarten to doctorate students – have enjoyed the assistance of digital learning platforms. 

Learning to play the bass guitar is no different. Some of the best benefits associated with learning the bass guitar digitally include:

  • Worldwide Access: Digital learning enables you to go beyond the streets of your town. For those from small towns, this can be a blessing. You now have access to bass guitar instructors from all over the world. 
  • No More Appointments: It also allows you to take lessons at any time. No longer do you need to rush home from work to grab your bass guitar and speed off to your instructor’s studio. 
  • No Missed Appointment/Cancellation Fees: If you are sick, you do not have to worry about a late cancellation fee being tacked on for not giving advanced notice of your missed lesson. 
  • Every Flavor Imaginable: With access to all different types of instruction, you can find an app that matches the way you learn best. From color-coded finger placement keys to video-recorded enhancements, there are hundreds of different learning styles to pick from. 
  • Go At Your Own Pace: Digital learning also allows you to move at your own pace. Perhaps you easily understand the basics, but have trouble with chord progressions? An app can let you pause, fast forward, or move through lessons at a speed that works best for you.  

Best Apps for Learning Bass Guitar

Real Bass: Best Overall Lesson App

Real Bass is developed by Kolb Apps. It is rated E for everyone. Real Bass is available on both iOS and Android platforms and comes highly recommended by thousands of users. 

All types of people with an interest in bass guitar use Real Bass. In fact, even if you have never touched a bass guitar before – this app can show you how to play. (Moreover, it's free!)

It includes several great features that make it a fan favorite. For starters, you can select from six different types of bass guitars, including electric and acoustic styles. It features studio quality audio, sixteen different loops to follow along with, and realistic bass guitar sounds. In addition to playing along – Real Bass also includes a recording mode. Any recordings you make can be exported as an mp3 for you to listen to later. 

Real Bass gives you a digital bass guitar to play. It focuses on teaching you where to place your fingers, which strings to pluck, and the sounds they make. While you can apply this knowledge to a real bass, the app is a stand alone version you do or do not have to apply in real life. (This is great for those who want to practice without having to bring their instruments along but still practice!)

Fun and easy to use, Real Bass provides the best overall playability regardless of experience. Whether you want to learn more about four or five string bass guitar playing – Real Bass can help. 

Learn To Play The Bass: Best Video Lesson App

CoolFreeApps brings us Learn to play the bass. Another E for everyone app, this one offers real-life video lessons. As the developer’s name implies – this app is entirely free.

Learn to play the bass helps players of all skill levels to grow. There are hundreds of video lessons and songs that you can learn from and play along with. Unlike the digital playing in Real Bass, this app focuses on teaching you how to play a real instrument. With plenty of close ups and quality video footage, Learn to play the bass has a lot to offer. 

Furthermore, left-handed players will appreciate full lessons dedicated specifically to their style of play. No more applying right hand lessons to a left-handed player!

Unfortunately for Apple users, Learn to play the bass can only be found in the Google play store! However, if you want to learn more about learning to play guitar, check out my guide regarding how long it takes to learn.

Guitar Lessons by Fender Play: Best Paid Video Lesson App

Fender is a well-known manufacturer of all kinds of guitars. As such, it should come as no surprise that they have an app designed to show you how to use it! Developed for guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele players – Guitar Lessons by Fender Play can help improve your play.

Guitar Lessons by Fender Play is geared entirely towards beginners. Today’s world is a busy, fast-paced environment. Fender presents users with their “bite-sized” lessons to help them best capture each. Each high-quality video features numerous close-ups, multiple angles and clear sound. Chord diagrams, tablatures, and a huge glossary help expand on your lessons. 

The app itself is easy to use. It comes with structured lesson paths that help guide each player through the enter step-by-step process one mini-video at a time. Once you master that lesson, you can immediately apply the learned technique to a song.

Guitar Lessons by Fender Play is available online as well as in your Apple and Android store. Accounts do cost money, but many users feel it was worth the price. 

Best Apps for Assisting with Playability

GuitarTuna: Best App for Tuning

GuitarTuna is developed by Yousician LTD to work with all of the most popular string instruments. This includes guitars, bass guitar, and ukuleles. With almost a 5 star rating from more than 18,000 reviewers in the iOS store – GuitarTuna means business.

With its user-friendly nature, GuitarTuna comes highly recommended by bass guitar instructors. Players of all skills, from beginner to advanced, can enjoy the simple and intuitive design. It offers professional accuracy thanks to the award winning, advanced audio recognition algorithm it was built on. (In fact, the technology is able to cancel out any background noise.)

GuitarTuna offers more than 100 different tuning selections. This includes standard, drop-d, half step down, 12-string, and much more. 

In addition to the ability to perfectly tune your bass guitar, GuitarTuna also includes various lessons, as well as a comprehensive chord library. For those who like a custom look, you can also model the instrument on screen to mirror your real-life bass guitar.

GuitarTuna has won several awards for its remarkable versatility and quality development. It has been ranked number one in educational applications for 119 different countries. It has also been selected as the Editor’s Choice twice by Apple in 2015.

If you need a tuner, GuitarTuna is the best app for you. Better yet – GuitarTuna is free to download. (Keep in mind, there are available in-app purchases that will cost money.)

GuitarTab: Best Tab and Chord App

Developed by GT1 Apps, GuitarTab provides users with more than 800,000 tabs and chords. Available in both the Apple and Google Play stores, GuitarTab can be used for access to guitar, bass guitar, and drums. 

Whether viewing on the screen or downloading, tabs and chords on the app can be accessed from anywhere. With a full screen mode and scalable zoom function, you can adjust your tabs and chords to a size you can easily read and follow along with. If you are new to chords, there are diagrams that are displayed to help you learn as you go. 

With such an enormous gathering of chords and tabs, GuitarTabs includes a user-friendly search function, as well as a favorites list and saved playlist. 

If you are ready to start rocking to all your favorites, GuitarTabs is free and ready to help.  

(For those who prefer non-mobile apps, you can check out my bass tabs guide for beginners!)